Sunday, December 5, 2010

Summary C4T #4

My last teacher I was assigned to this semester was Kathy Cassidy. I am so glad I was! I love her way of teaching! She opened my eyes to younger children using the computer. I am now allowing my six year old son to use my laptop.

One of her posts that I commented on was her new way of doing the parent/teacher conference. She talks to the student about what they want to achieve. The student shows the parent/parents what they have done and what they want to do, and then Ms. Cassidy talks to the parents about what it will take to help their child reach that goal. I love this idea! I wish my son's teacher did this and I hope by the time I start teaching I can do something similar.

Another thing she does with her students are make videos. Like they said, "...we get to see them again and again..." Who wouldn't love that? I know the little videos I had my six year old son and two year old daughter help my friends and myself with they like to see them and tell friends and family about them. In one of my comments to Ms. Cassidy I told her I hope she doesn't mind if I use some of her ideas when I am teaching.

I absolutely love Ms. Kathy Cassidy's teaching and invite everyone to also check out her class blog and comment on her students blogs as well.

Summary on C4K #9-11

C4K #9-The blog I read was about the student's making chicken pharaohs for class. They were learning about ancient civilization and mummification. They did some awesome research on it and are thinking about making a scavenger hunt for the class next year to find. I thought that was a great idea and asked them to keep us updated about it.

C4K #10-I commented on Trey's blog about his dirt bike. He also talks about other vehicles he has ridden. Since I am a parent as well as a student I told him to have fun, but be careful.

C4K #11-Bennett's blog was about all the different things his teacher had them do with cranberries. He seemed to have really enjoyed that week of making different things with cranberries and being able to try them.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Last PLN Post

As I said earlier, I use symbaloo as my PLN. I use it for everything! The very first thing I do when I get on the internet is go to my symbaloo account. The reason why I do this is because everything I need is in that account. I have my all the sites that I like to visit there so I can get to them quickly.

I love symbaloo so much that I am going to set up an account for my six year old son. He likes to get on the computer to play games or watch movies. I feel like if he has an account with them then I can control what is on there and what he is doing. It will also come in handy (since his father and I are no longer together) for me to not worry about what he is doing over there on the internet. I will make sure they have his information so he can access it there or anywhere.

If you cannot tell I absolutely love symbaloo and recommend it to everyone! I have made it easy for you to link on to their site by clicking on the word "symbaloo" that I used in the first paragraph. I hope you like it as much as I do!

My Final Project for EDM310

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Additional Assignment #5

Pencil Integration

In John Spencer's post "Just Teach Them To Solve for X" he says "...metaphors are is dangerous...learning is dangerous." I highly agree with him wanting to show his students this message. It is so true and teachers want to make things easier on their students. The problem with this is life is not easy. As a parent of three, I make sure I do not "sugarcoat" anything for my children. I want them to know they might not like my answer, but it is the truth.

I also believe he and Dr. Strange are a lot alike...Dr. Strange doesn't teach us how to use the computer or even give us grades to know how we are doing in his class. He guides us in a direction and sees where it takes us. Some will use their time to find out more about it and others will do enough to just get by.

In another post, "He Just Likes the Class for the Pencils", John Spencer uses the word "pencils" as a metaphor for the subject he teaches. I believe it is a computer class or he uses computers in his class. Other teachers are telling a students' parent about his bad behavior. Mr. Spencer says he does not have any problems with the students. The other teachers proceed by saying the reason he does not have any problems is because of his "pencils". Mr. Spencer says, " is about trust and purpose...I take time to listen." What the other teachers were not realizing is it was not the class it was the teacher that made the child want to do well in that class.

Here is a link to John Spencer's blog.

Blog #13


ALEX stands for Alabama Learning Exchange. It was made by the Alabama Department of Education. I had no clue it existed, but so happy Dr. Strange told us about it. I started messing with it to see what all it offered, and really enjoyed the Course of Study section.

After seeing Ms. Cassidy's video, "Little Kids...Big Potential" I decided to let my six year old use my net book. I will be using the Course of Study section in ALEX with him. There are so many things for him to do and learn...there are even games he and I can play together. I highly recommend teachers, parents, students, everyone to check out this website.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Progress Report on Final Project

Thanks to Dr. Strange opening up our eyes to the various technology we have today. Erin Tillman, Courtney Banks and myself will be interviewing a professor in the College of Education to see how technology has changed her teaching methods. We are wanting to know if technology has helped her as a teacher and helped her students learn.

Additional Assignment #4

Summary from Project #6

I took this opportunity to get to know some of my classmates better. I know my life/home situation and was curious how many other students were in the same situation as I am. I found out that half the students should be graduating in the fall of 2012. I was also hoping to graduate in 2012, but some personal things have happened this year that will put me back a little longer than I expected. I will graduate! I am just not sure what year that will be. It was nice to see that 83% of my classmates plan on teaching in Alabama.

Majority of them are taking 13-17 hours at South and a little over half of them are working as well. At least only 29% of them work over 20 hours and 41% do not work. I am jealous of those that do not work, but then again they have a heavy school load. I was also curious about how many students have children. There are only two that are like me with three children. Although, 67% do not have any children.

As I said to begin with my questionnaire was based on getting to know my fellow classmates better and to see if any of them are in the same situation I am. Although, majority of them are taking more classes than I am. They are either not working or do not have children. I know every situation is different and therefore cannot be judged by this questionnaire.  

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog #11

Ms. Cassidy's Class

I am so happy to see a teacher showing her students all the different technology Ms. Cassidy shows to her class. She has them involved with everything from blogging, using a wiki, learning how to use the internet, making movies, and even using their DS systems in the classroom. It is also a little scary because my son is six years old and in first grade just like her students. I do not give him enough credit on his knowledge of the computer about his age, but after watching this video I think I will start allowing him to use my computer. I do not want to hold my students back from learning as much as they can so why would I want to do that to my own son. I will not let his age or anyone else's age hinder their learning.

There are so many different things Ms. Cassidy does with her class that I hope to do in my own classroom. I have never been about reading a book and remember the answers. I believe when you get the students involved they will remember more. With all the different technology there is no reason a child should not enjoy and want to learn things. The children in Ms. Cassidy's class were really enjoying themselves and I hope to have a classroom really similar to hers.

I highly recommend teachers of all kind to watch Ms. Cassidy's video.

Teaching Mr. Corley How to Set Up His Own Blog

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blog #10

An Open Letter To Educators

Morgan shared a video done by Dan Brown. I truly enjoyed this video and could relate to it. The way professors teach and expect it to really make a difference in our career I do not understand. I actually would love to not be in college right now, but you can not get a teaching certificate without it. The teaching method most professors use are just like Dan said and Dr. Strange refers as "burp back education". This method really needs to change! How can someone really say how smart someone is by teaching this way. All they are really doing is memorizing enough information to pass the test. Usually, they forget the material the same day they take the test.

I recommend everyone to watch Dan's video on Morgan's post.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home

Mr. Spencer posted an interesting post about students taking pencils home. I thought it was great how he got the parents involved. He also said he did not care if they were playing a game using the pencil as long as they were using it. I agree with this concept. I do not want to hold a student back from learning and playing a game does not mean they are not learning.

This was not a long post to read, but worth the read. Here is John Spencer's post.

My Sentence

I really liked my sentence from last semester...She made sure every child knew they could accomplish anything they set their mind to.

My sentence now would be...Did I really do the BEST that I could that day and if I did not then I need to try harder the next day.

I highly recommend everyone to watch Daniel Pink's video and think about your sentence.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blog #9

What I've Learned This Year by: Mr. McClung

I thought it was great to read how school was for this first year teacher. He brings light to so many topics. Since I am a future teacher I have added him to my symbaloo account so I can communicate with him when I need some advice. After reading his post I hope to remember things will not be that easy, things go wrong, you can not help everyone, and what the students think about you is the most important thing.

Here is a link to Mr. McClung's post.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Progress report on PLN

Last semester I had no clue what a PLN was. Now I use symbaloo as my PLN. I love it! As soon as I get in the internet the first thing I do is log into my symbaloo account. The reason why I do this is because I have every site I use for Dr. Strange's class, other classes, even personal things I found on the internet I have organized and saved on my symbaloo account.

Some of the sites I have saved are teachers blogs that I have read and are interested in keeping up with them. I also have my gmail, class blog, facebook, twitter, timetoast, but this is just naming a few. I really love how organized it keeps things and how easy it is to use. I recommend everyone getting an account with it.

Blog #7

The Last Lecture

Randy Pausch is a man I wish was still around. This movie is quite long, but I recommend everyone watch it. He is every comical and keeps you interested in what he is saying. He has many quotes that I added this link to my symbaloo account. I have also attached Randy Pausch's quotes if you would like to see some of them that John Willis posted on

I really enjoyed watching this video. I have not taken the time to watch any of his other videos but will one day. I wish I could follow his blogs or talk to him because I like his method of teaching and the way I felt after watching it. The way that he delivered his message kept me watching and wanting to see more.

Timetoast #9a My Kids!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Summary on C4K #1

The student I commented on was from Mr. Chamberlain's class. His name is Austin and he has a good idea what it takes to be a good student. I do not think it is just because his father is also a teacher at his school. I am sure that helps, but he knows doing his work ahead of time is very important and that goofing off and not paying attention to his teacher is not the way to go. Of course, he can not wait to be in high school. I am not sure if that is because his dad will not be at his school anymore or just wanting that change. As long as he remembers his manifesto he will do just fine.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blog #5

Podcast Collection

I really enjoyed reading the information about podcasts and am so happy it goes into as much detail as it does about podcast. I would recommend Dr. Strange to place this podcast first so future students will have a better idea what a podcast really is.

Curriki's blog

Eagles' Nest Radio

This podcast was so cute! All though you could not actually see the children's expressions you could tell they really enjoyed doing these radio shows or podcasts. It sounded like they were having fun and I believe they would remember the information they learned on there more than just reading a book.

Eagles' Nest Radio podcast

The benefits of podcasting in the classroom

This video was very insightful on different uses of podcasting. I liked how podcasts can help out when a child is sick and needs to take a test or just keep up with his work. Podcasting is a great technology to use to help your students and you do not have to worry about how you look. I plan on using podcast in my classroom (when I am a teacher), because I think it is great to get your students involved.

Joe Dale's video

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blog #4

Don't teach your kids this stuff. Please?

Dr. McLeod is an Associate Professor and Coordinator that studies technology leadership in education. I think is great how he uses reverse psychology. Telling parents to not teach their children about the internet and all the bad reasons to keep them from it. Then at the end to say he is planning on teaching his children.

I believe children need to know about computers and the internet. It is their future so way should we want to hold them back. We shouldn't, but so many do, because they do not want to learn. I say lets all learn together and give our children the best opportunity they have.

Here is a link to Dr. McLeod's post.

The iSchool Initiative

I think it is great that a senior is thinking of a way to make a difference with our school system. I do not want to take away schools all together, but I do believe the iSchool is another technological device that will help students and teachers.

This young man has done his homework and explains so many reasons why the iSchool needs to be considered. I like the idea that not only students and teachers have access to it and the email, but parents do as well. I also like how the websites that can be visited will be limited to what is actually needed for school.

If you would like to see more about Travis's iSchool video. Please follow the link.

The Lost Generation

I enjoyed this video so much I uploaded it to my blog. It is less than 2 minutes and I highly recommend everyone to watch it. She starts by saying what statistics say about her generation and it is mostly negative. She then says that this needs to be "reversed" and reads the exact same thing she just read but backwards and it has a positive saying about her generation. As I said before...I highly recommend everyone to take a minute out of your day to watch this video.

Virtual Choir

Just like Jennifer Chambers' I thought this video was mazing! Especially when I found out none of the singers ever met. Everything was done online. I do not know how he did it because I have always thought you need to practice, but he used technology to make it happen.

Here is a link if you would like to see Eric Whitacre's virtual choir video.

Friday, September 17, 2010

C4T #1

My first Comment for Teacher was on J. Spencer. His blog was interesting to me and I have added him to my PLN on symbaloo. The first post I commented on was "my litmus test". I loved his list of questions for candidates that he gives. The other post I commented on was "a teaser--my next book". I enjoyed reading about a teacher that is really stepping outside the box to relate to his students. I think it is great that his audience for his book are his students.

I highly recommend you to add J. Spencer blog to your PLN.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Additional Assignment #1

I have never heard of either one of these websites until now. I thought Google squared was really interesting. I liked the fact that I was able to type in Puerto Rico and find out the population in a matter of seconds.

I also thought Wolfram Alpha was really cool, but highly suggest using a Mac to do a screenshot.

pitcairn island map

I really enjoyed reading The Stable Boy and the iPad blog. I love the face that this illiterate 6-year old boy was able to figure out the iPad with no instructions. If he can...why can't we?

Blog #3

A Vision of Students Today
This video captured some of my college experience. I have only attended the University of South Alabama, but I have had about 4 classes that were in a room with more than one hundred and fifty students. The professors did know my name for one reason or another, but I am pretty sure they did not know every students' name.

Another thing I can relate to in this video is the purchasing of textbooks and not using them a lot if at all. I am lucky that I do not pay for my textbooks or my tuition, because of my scholarship. Although, I am lucky to have this scholarship, I still have to get financial aid to financially take care of myself and my children.

If you would like to see this video for yourself please follow this link. Michael Wesch's video.

It's Not About the Technology

I totally agree with several points Ms. Kelly Hines makes in her blog post. The main thing that stuck out to me was teachers needing to be learners as well. If teachers are not willing to learn how to reach their students how are they really going to be able to teach them. There are several ways to teach someone something with out just reading a book and answering questions. There are so many different technologies out there and our teachers need to learn about them so we can teach our students the future.

The other point that sticks out to me was that learning and teaching are not the same thing. Although, a teacher gets up and teaches a lesson does not mean the student understands it. Teachers need to make sure every student understands what was being taught. If every student does not understand what is being taught, they need to teach it a different way. That is what Ms. Hines was talking about and I totally agree with her.

If you would like to read her post please use this link. Kelly Hines's blog

Is It Okay To Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?

I happen to agree with Mr. Fisch on this post. The fact is teachers need to be technologically literate and that principals need to hold them responsible for this. I am not saying they need to know all there is to know about technology, but they do need to know some basic skills. They also need to be willing to learn from their students.

Although, we (teachers and future teachers) need to teach our students the basics. We also need to be willing to learn from them. Students know a lot about computers and everyone will benefit from learning from each other. If you would like to read Karl Fisch's blog. Please feel free to follow this link.

Gary's Social Media Count

I remember when I saw this last semester I was really shocked at how fast different sites were changing. In a matter of seconds the numbers were going up. As I watched it again, I am still just as shocked. I am not sure why, because I know technology is our future. It is just unreal to me.

If you would like to see Gary's media count. I highly recommend it!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog #2

Did You Know?

This video has given me something to think about. Mainly, the fact that we are teaching children information that might not exist right now. It also shows how fast the internet/communication is expanding. There are so many new technologies being used that children need to learn how to use them.

There was a part in the video that also got me thinking. It was that "India has more honor kids than America has kids". I do not know about you, but I feel like America needs to do some changing to make those numbers change. The sad part is...will we do it?

If you would like to see Karl Fisch's video yourself please click on the link provided.

Mr. Winkle Wakes

This video is about a man that wakes up after 100 years and notices all the changes that have been made. He is unhappy with all the new technology. He does not understand what is going on. Until he goes to a school and finds everything the same as it was 100 years ago.

Is this the type of education we really want for our children? Do we want them to be doing and learning the same thing people did 100 years ago? I personally do not! One of my main reasons for wanting to be a teacher is because I feel like there needs to be a change in our classrooms. We need to teach children, but not necessarily like we were taught. Technology is out there! We need to not only use it, we need to teach it to our students. Why not expand our students minds and give them information that will help them in their future? Are you willing to make a change?

Here is a link to Mathew Needleman's video.

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

I agree with Sir Ken Robinson about schools killing creativity. I believe his best example of this was when he was talking about the dancer. Now a days if a student is not sitting still in their chair or not able to pay attention then they have AD/HD. Teachers and parents need to be careful to not miss diagnose this. Who knows we could be holding someone back from being a great performer.

He brought up another good point "...everywhere on the earth has academics as being more important than arts...". Why do we allow this? Arts is a great way to show someones creativity and express themselves in a different way. I believe most if not all students will learn and remember more if we teach them a different way than just reading and answering questions. This can be done in a song, a drama, a podcast, a video, through art projects. Your creativity can be endless. If you allow it to be. Will you? I know as a future teacher, I plan on using these methods more than what Dr. Strange calls "burp back education". I feel like these methods not only get the student involved, but also interested in what they are learning.

Here is a link to Sir Ken Robinson's video.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

I really like Ms. Vicki Davis's way of teaching. She has her students involved in blogging and looking up information by themselves. Showing them that she might not always have the answer, but together they can find out. She also admits that they teach her new things as well. There is absolutely nothing wrong with learning something from a student. Most teachers feel like they should always have the right answer, but I feel like it is better if you show your students that you to are always learning something new. This will help them to not feel bad later when they need help.

Another thing that she addressed and I have always believed is if your using "...only paper, only pencil, then only certain types of children will succeed". Is that really what we want for just certain types of children to succeed? I do not! I want ALL of my students to succeed so why set them up for failure? Why not change what we were taught and open the eyes of every student?

I highly recommend all teacher and future teachers to watch Vicki Davis's video for yourself and see what you can do to enhance your classroom and your students knowledge.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Blog #1

    My name is Alissa Logan. I am a junior at the University of South Alabama. My major is elementary education and I should be graduating in the spring of 2012. I chose USA for my college education, because my ex-husband would not allow me to take our children to the University of Alabama. I am a huge Bama fan! I also support and cheer for the South Alabama Jaguars.
    I am a military brat, but actually did not do a lot of moving. I was born here in Mobile, Alabama, moved to Puerto Rico when I was 5, and came back to Mobile when I turned 11. Living in Puerto Rico was great! I was able to see my family from my moms side that all live there. It was a great experience and I cannot wait to go back after I graduate in 2012.
    I have always loved working with children. I started babysitting at the age of 10 and then working at a daycare around 16, and now I have two kids of my own with another one due in a couple of weeks. I believe children are our future. They are all too often misunderstood or their thoughts are overlooked. We can learn a lot from children. I am not one of those fortunate people who can read something and remember some let alone most of the information that I just read. Therefore, I feel like I am a very understanding and compassionate person that has a lot of patience and works well with children. I also plan on trying different teaching methods to make sure all of my students understand and remember what they are being taught.
    Since I am a mother of almost three, going to school full-time, and working it is hard to do anything I enjoy doing, but I try to do things with my children anytime I get the opportunity. Luckily, my children are a lot like me and enjoy playing outside. I love being outside! It has been hard this summer since I am pregnant, but usually it is where I would rather be. This should not come as a surprise, but along with loving the outdoors, I also love sports. My son just started playing soccer this year. I cannot wait until he can play football and my daughter can be a cheerleader.