Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Last PLN Post

As I said earlier, I use symbaloo as my PLN. I use it for everything! The very first thing I do when I get on the internet is go to my symbaloo account. The reason why I do this is because everything I need is in that account. I have my all the sites that I like to visit there so I can get to them quickly.

I love symbaloo so much that I am going to set up an account for my six year old son. He likes to get on the computer to play games or watch movies. I feel like if he has an account with them then I can control what is on there and what he is doing. It will also come in handy (since his father and I are no longer together) for me to not worry about what he is doing over there on the internet. I will make sure they have his information so he can access it there or anywhere.

If you cannot tell I absolutely love symbaloo and recommend it to everyone! I have made it easy for you to link on to their site by clicking on the word "symbaloo" that I used in the first paragraph. I hope you like it as much as I do!

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