Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog #11

Ms. Cassidy's Class

I am so happy to see a teacher showing her students all the different technology Ms. Cassidy shows to her class. She has them involved with everything from blogging, using a wiki, learning how to use the internet, making movies, and even using their DS systems in the classroom. It is also a little scary because my son is six years old and in first grade just like her students. I do not give him enough credit on his knowledge of the computer about his age, but after watching this video I think I will start allowing him to use my computer. I do not want to hold my students back from learning as much as they can so why would I want to do that to my own son. I will not let his age or anyone else's age hinder their learning.

There are so many different things Ms. Cassidy does with her class that I hope to do in my own classroom. I have never been about reading a book and remember the answers. I believe when you get the students involved they will remember more. With all the different technology there is no reason a child should not enjoy and want to learn things. The children in Ms. Cassidy's class were really enjoying themselves and I hope to have a classroom really similar to hers.

I highly recommend teachers of all kind to watch Ms. Cassidy's video.


  1. Alissa,
    I enjoyed your post.I must agree that we have to let our future students grasp this new technology.I read that you have a son and you want him to start using your computer.I think that would be awesome just have that talk about the bad outcomes and what to do when it happens.I know he will be fine.I liked that Ms.Cassidy gives her students the opportunity to learn things that I didn't learn in the classroom growing up.She is great and a hard worker.I hope to have a classroom like her one day also.I really enjoyed listening to her.I wish you good luck as a future educator.

  2. Yes! Let you son use that computer. I've let mine since they could sit-up and it has paid off. They are all great computer users.

    Young children must be given opportunities. The children in Mrs. Cassidy's class are amazing! I think they are so amazing because they are given the opportunity. If more students were able to have access to the tools Mrs. Cassidy is using I think more students would surprise us with their abilities. SS