Sunday, November 14, 2010

Summary from Project #6

I took this opportunity to get to know some of my classmates better. I know my life/home situation and was curious how many other students were in the same situation as I am. I found out that half the students should be graduating in the fall of 2012. I was also hoping to graduate in 2012, but some personal things have happened this year that will put me back a little longer than I expected. I will graduate! I am just not sure what year that will be. It was nice to see that 83% of my classmates plan on teaching in Alabama.

Majority of them are taking 13-17 hours at South and a little over half of them are working as well. At least only 29% of them work over 20 hours and 41% do not work. I am jealous of those that do not work, but then again they have a heavy school load. I was also curious about how many students have children. There are only two that are like me with three children. Although, 67% do not have any children.

As I said to begin with my questionnaire was based on getting to know my fellow classmates better and to see if any of them are in the same situation I am. Although, majority of them are taking more classes than I am. They are either not working or do not have children. I know every situation is different and therefore cannot be judged by this questionnaire.  

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