Sunday, December 5, 2010

Summary C4T #4

My last teacher I was assigned to this semester was Kathy Cassidy. I am so glad I was! I love her way of teaching! She opened my eyes to younger children using the computer. I am now allowing my six year old son to use my laptop.

One of her posts that I commented on was her new way of doing the parent/teacher conference. She talks to the student about what they want to achieve. The student shows the parent/parents what they have done and what they want to do, and then Ms. Cassidy talks to the parents about what it will take to help their child reach that goal. I love this idea! I wish my son's teacher did this and I hope by the time I start teaching I can do something similar.

Another thing she does with her students are make videos. Like they said, "...we get to see them again and again..." Who wouldn't love that? I know the little videos I had my six year old son and two year old daughter help my friends and myself with they like to see them and tell friends and family about them. In one of my comments to Ms. Cassidy I told her I hope she doesn't mind if I use some of her ideas when I am teaching.

I absolutely love Ms. Kathy Cassidy's teaching and invite everyone to also check out her class blog and comment on her students blogs as well.

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