Friday, November 19, 2010

Project 15


  1. The purpose of the video is unclear. Needs a title. Needs credits. More thought about purpose and more effort in involving the viewer would have helped a lot. Good video but sound low at times.

  2. Alissa,

    I enjoyed watching your project 15 video. I felt that same way in the beginning of this class where I didn’t know anything. I was not familiar with blogging and all of the other types of technology Dr. Strange uses in his course. It is definitely a lot easier when you get used to it. I liked when the little girl said to just push buttons. Perhaps positioning the video camera behind you and the computer would have helped the viewers to more clearly understand what the blog looked like. Nice work.

  3. Hi Alissa,

    I thought your video was a great commentary on how I felt on the first day of school. My only complaint about the video is you should have given your daughter a little more time to figure it out. Your blog looks great!

  4. Hey Alissa!
    I enjoyed watching your video. Like everyone else, this was also how I felt on the first night of class. It would be great if incoming EDM 310 students could see this so that they have a better understanding of what will be happening. Great job!

  5. Dr. Strange,
    I have now added a cover and ending page (to say who all contributed)to our video. I hope this helps to explain what we felt like on the first day of class.
    Sarah, Mitch, and Kellie,
    Thank you for your comments. The advice on showing the computer screen and Kaylee having more time to see what she would have done is something I will think about for future videos.